Why Your eCommerce & Online Store Needs Email and Live Chat Support​


How strong is your eCommerce or online store when it comes to taking care of your customers? 

You probably know how important customer care is, but since you’re in between following up with vendors, taking or tracking orders, sales, and marketing, you occasionally thought that you can just get back to your customers’ emails and chat messages later or the next day. Or you may think abandoned carts on your eCommerce store are a lost cause.

Well, that’s a mistake you don’t want to repeat on your next business day…

You have no idea how many opportunities you’re missing and you’ll find out soon enough that you’re losing some of your customers to your competitors. So, no matter how much you have on your plate, you need to invest in customer care; the best way to do that is via email and live chat support. 

I have compiled and listed the top 5 reasons your eCommerce and online store needs to have email and live chat support in customer service.


Know that the best way for you to connect with your buyers and shoppers is to make things easy for them and give them that ‘total’ experience that all customers just love. That’s how real-time customer care email and live chat support can give you.

Making an instant connection with a customer by real-time and instant reply is an instant opportunity to make a sell.



A lot of companies out there have started automating some of their processes when it comes to dealing with their customers’ inquiries and concerns. Like scripted, template emails, and chatbots. But the thing is most if not, all customers want to interact with your business on a human level.

Making things easy for you is good but not at the expense of your customers’ convenience. You can automate notification, verification emails, intro messages in your social media pages, billing invoices, and the like but when it comes to handling your customer’s inquiries and concerns or complaints you need a real person for that. 

Also, replies to emails and chat messages from your customers should be both personal, handled with care, and in a timely manner.

So, humanize what needs to be humanized in your customer service process. In doing so your customers will know for sure how important they are and that their complaints and concerns are taken care of right away.

Making it personal allows your eCommerce or online store to build better customer relations and a strong rapport with your buyers and shoppers.

Putting a personal touch to customer experiences will definitely be helpful.


Your email and live chat support is a sales booster for your eCommerce or online store. How?

Some buyers and shoppers online occasionally need help to find what they are looking for in your eCommerce store. Like, does this shoe comes in pink or in custom design, or is there a size 6 or 7 and so on. 

Or if they walk into your eCommerce store hesitant and have lots of questions.

Your dedicated live chat supports these buyers, shoppers by giving real-time answers to their questions and will guide them towards making a purchase.

When it comes to your abandoned carts you can send a follow-up email to remind buyers and shoppers of their interest and make them consider fulfilling their orders.

Needless to say email and live chat support increases your conversion


Live chat saves a lot of time both for your company and for your customers.

Having live chat support means you respect your customer’s time and it affords your customers’ dedicated real-time customer support as they shop on your online store.

While your company saves a lot of time because email and chat support can handle more than one customer at a time.


Email and live chat support are way cheaper than traditional inbound and outbound Customer Service Support. Apart from that, email and live chat support agent or VA can multi-task and is more productive.