We Make Everything Easy & Hassle-free!

At Labrys Business Solutions, we offer you a reliable, cost-efficient, and smart outsourcing solution; to scale and grow your business in today’s crazy and noisy marketplace.


How we can help​

We scale up your business

Our virtual assistants and in-house CS agents are best at what they do. They make things easy for you and your business -by building your team, running and managing your customer care support, and back-office activities.

We take care of these things doe you so you don’t have to.

We take good care of your customers

No product drawbacks or customer complaints are too hard for us to handle. Through good listening, empathy and rapport we can help you win their hearts and mind.

We succeed in this area because we treat your business and your customers like our own.

Drive more sales

With our end-to-end total customer care support, you can increase your revenue significantly. Because, we will help you build your business’ strong reputation -which will not only attract new and more customers but retain them as well.

We are here to help you realize just that. We provide reliable, cost-efficient, and smart outsourcing solutions for your business.


Cost-efficient Services

Customer Service Support ​

Are you looking for ‘Email & Chat Support’ or a customer service team to handle your incoming calls, messages, and emails? For $4 per hour, you’ll get a reliable and dedicated team of customer care specialists. We guarantee you the right solution to scale and grow your business. READ MORE…

Virtual Assistance​

Our virtual assistants can provide your business w/ various virtual administrative support. From data entry, data gathering, lead generation, and product or market research to social media management and setting up appointments for you. They are well trained and motivated to make your life easier, your business more manageable. READ MORE…


Are you looking for more customers for your business? Then, we can certainly help you. Our team can handle your cold calling and appointment setting and help you bring more sales to your business. READ MORE…

Digital Marketing

In partnership with DesignRush

WordPress Development

We have years of experience building WordPress websites working with different themes, page builders, and plugins. Helping business owners and stores set up shop online. We have a team of professional web developers with a strong background in HTML5, CSS, etc.

Search Engine Opitmization

Are you having problems ranking on top of Google’s SERP? We can help. We have over 10 years of white hat on-page and off-page SEO experience. Helping businesses improve their search visibility. Interested?

Web Design

Give your website and brand the right look and feel with our awesome UI/UX Design services. Aesthetic and intuitive experience for your audience and vistors.

Social Media Marketing

Want to stand out? Or keep your brand’s relevancy and vitality in today’s noisy marketplace. You need a killer social media and out-of-the-box content strategy. That will grow your following, allow your brand to get real social signals from real customers. Talk to us and will help you do just that.

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Meet our team

We strongly believe that the people who work for us -are our foremost asset. How they do their job and help our client’s business is the lifeblood of our company. Thus, bringing satisfaction, results, and growth to our client’s business not only means a huge success for us but guarantees the future of Labrys Business Solutions.

Labrys PH's Inbound & Outbound Team

Our reliable and dynamic customer care and acquisition agents here at Labrys Business Solutions.

Project & Team Management Group

Your business success is guaranteed by our management team compose of operation, account and client success managers

With Labrys, you can be sure that your business is in good hands because we treat your business and your customers like our own.

Our Business Development Team

Does all your sales and marketing campaign and strategy. We make sure your investment on our team yields lucrative results

Backoffice Support

handles all your Backoffice workloads from data entry, research to human resource. So that you can focus on your growth


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